I am nomadicmanis.

I am an Indian travel blogger and passionate about exploring nature. Mountain makes me sparkle. I feel fortunate that I live in a country where the great Himalaya is being crowned from centuries and life-giving sacred river ” Maa gange ” which rises in western Himalaya and giving a lifeline to millions who live along its course. Whenever you have to discover yourself, Go to Himalaya.

So i am going to explore my travel journey through my blog.


Best places to visit in Rameshwaram in a day- A complete information you’ll need to know

To explore Rameshwaram and Kanyakumari was on top priority for me in south India as Most of the people prefer to visit Goa and Kerala. I had been planning for Rameshwaram for many months but everytime it got diverted to other directions due to its extreme southernmost location alongwith very limited connectivity from the mainland. …

Places to visit in Madurai in a day- A complete guide to the city

I was traveling from Bengaluru to Rameswaram but there was no train directly to Rameswaram. It Was from Madurai. So I planned to stay for an entire 1 day to Madurai to explore some places in and around the city. I booked a ticket in Nagarcoil Express from Yeshwantpur junction to Madurai. The train was …


First of all very warm Welcome and Thanks for staying by my blog.

I am Manish Singh, a B.Tech graduate from Jaipur. But basically, I’m a Bihari guy who hails from Nalanda, the ancient seat of learning and a historical place in the world. I worked with different organizations. But from my childhood, my hobby of exploring Nature and India was on top priority. So whenever I used to be free or took leave from the workplace, I went on wandering.

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