I am nomadicmanis.

I am an Indian travel blogger and passionate about exploring nature. Mountain makes me sparkle. I feel fortunate that I live in a country where the great Himalaya is being crowned from centuries and life-giving sacred river ” Maa gange ” which rises in western Himalaya and giving a lifeline to millions who live along its course. Whenever you have to discover yourself, Go to Himalaya.

So i am going to explore my travel journey through my blog.


My version 2.0

From No Job to a Successful Entrepreneur Today I am going to introduce all my readers to One of India’s Most successful Entrepreneur who made his own path to success. Meet Manish Kumar, a successful digital Marketer, and a Blogger. An engineering alumn, who founded ” Digital Funnel “, a digital marketing agency in 2022, …

Places to visit in Kanyakumari- Reasons to visit this majestic Land

Have you ever been to the last tip of India? Yes, I have been, it’s Kanyakumari. It certainly feels like an achievement to arrive here. Through my previous blogs as I have mentioned that after exploring most of the places in Madurai and Rameswaram, my next destination was Kanyakumari. Since it was not a planned …


First of all very warm Welcome and Thanks for staying by my blog.

I am Manish Singh, a B.Tech graduate from Jaipur. But basically, I’m a Bihari guy who hails from Nalanda, the ancient seat of learning and a historical place in the world. I worked with different organizations. But from my childhood, my hobby of exploring Nature and India was on top priority. So whenever I used to be free or took leave from the workplace, I went on wandering.

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