First of all very warm Welcome and Thanks for staying by my blog.

I am Manish Singh, a B.Tech graduate from Jaipur. But basically, I’m a Bihari guy who hails from Nalanda, the ancient seat of learning and a historical place in the world. I worked with different organizations. But from my childhood, my hobby of exploring Nature and India was on top priority. So whenever I used to be free or took leave from the workplace, I went on wandering.

But in 2015 it was a life-altering experience for me when I went on a motorcycle trip to Shimla, and again in 2016 on motorcycle trip from Bengaluru to Pondicherry. Then I realized that whatever I wanted to urge an internal peace was traveling and through which I can explore the hidden treasure of our planet and discover the people and its culture. I always wanted to share my travel experience through my writing but i had no idea the way to start and how this would evolve. But as my point of view behind every negativity there’s some sort of positivity. So it was the Covid-19 lockdown period during which in my free time i assumed of blogging, and therefore the blog began with sharing my travel stories.
For me my motto of byke journey wasn’t to reach the final destination but was to explore many hidden places and to meet many people with different cultures and languages. India is a country where after every 100 km. there are different cultures and languages.
Through our journey we get an opportunity to meet many wonderful people. Travelling gives us many lessons .once when I was traveling from Rameswaram to Kanyakumari, I visited a really remote coastline village, since I was too tired, I led down within the premises of a temple. There, an old lady came near to me and ask in Tamil for water and asked to rest in her small chalet. From there I realized, money couldn’t compensate for the real happiness as those villagers had not even basic facilities, they had not much knowledge about any modern technology but they were happier and innocent than us.

Why this Blog

I started this blog to share my memories and experience through all my travel stories and can help people with the proper guide if they are planning to the same destination which I even have traveled.
And to inspire people to come out of their comfort couch and to explore the world how beautiful it is and starts loving nature. As nature is the biggest gift of God.

Few of my thoughts or philosophies are

  • Life is just too short, so Live it.
  • whenever you’re in doubt or depression just travel.
  • For traveling, we need not leave our job or loved ones or to sell all our assets. Just plan and work effortlessly everything is managed.

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