How digital marketing is important for your Businesses?

Why marketing your business is as important as your product?

Marketing is just about sending the right message to the right person at the right time. It is rooted in human psychology. So understanding the customer and customer’s need that leads to creating a product that fits. You need a great product but marketing not just helps people discover your product but also has a good perception about the product.

In this digital era, the mode of marketing has changed but the main psychology behind the marketing is same.

We will discuss in brief about different modes and types of Marketing which will definitely help In growing your Business:

  • Law of Marketing
  • How to build a strong Brand
  • Traditional V/S Digital marketing
  • Importance of Communication skill in Marketing
  • CATT marketing Funnel
  • Personal Branding
  • How to make 1 crore

Law of Marketing

Marketing is based on Science, not on creativity. It starts before creating a product with understanding customer and customer’s need. It is not just about selling but about communicating with existing customer to keep them happy so that they will remain customer for life. The purpose of marketing is to build a brand and capture a position in consumer’s mind.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or services fits him and sells itself. The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. – Peter Drucker “

Marketing is a game of perception. Never let marketing become more important than product. As on basis of strong marketing with worst product you can bring customer only once, you can’t gain trust forever. A great product sells itself. A great product converts customer into brand ambassador as word of mouth marketing is the best channel of marketing ever.

Components of Marketing

  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Sales

How to build a strong Brand

  • Don’t be the no. 1. Be the only 1.
  • Choose a category to become a leader. Deciding where to compete is the main key to success.
  • Some brands like Google, Zoom, Xerox has become verbs.
  • Brands like BMW, Volvo, Mercedes are a leader in its sub category.
  • Brands like Surf, Colgate, scooty are a leader in its category as in many homes it is not called as detergent, toothpaste or Two wheeler , same category products are name as respective names.

Why invest time and energy in Learning Marketing

Marketing has a shelf life because it is rooted in human psychology.

It has existed since the dawn of civilization. Everything else like production, Administration, HR, manufacturing, production, accounting is an expense that doesn’t give immediate ROI, but investment in marketing is something that gives direct returns.

If you know how to sell and market, you have a safe career. Marketing can be outsourced completely, the founder should be a marketer.

Traditional V/S Digital Marketing

If a product is generic with a very wide targeting audience then Tv ads can reach millions at a low cost e.g. Advertising a phone, motorcycle, Car etc.

Digital marketing

India has TV in around 197 millions homes out of 298 millions homes. Assuming 4-5 family members per household, Tv has a reach of 800 million to 1 billion people. The reach of digital marketing is nowhere close to TV based on numbers alone. But Tv advertising has one demerit that it can’t involve in deep marketing however digital marketing is involved in deep marketing with specific targeted audience.

Users of internet are increasing intensively in India, around 100 million internet users are in India nowadays. So it is a strong medium to reach its targeted audience. During this pandemic, the rise of digital marketing was expected to rise in upcoming years but already rose during this period. Everyone has a mobile, whatever they want to search, they can collect information with a single click.

Radio has a reach of 65% of the Indian population. (Source: Financial Express)

Newspaper has a reach of 465 million people. (Source: Business standard)

But advertising through these mediums is not as effective as Digital marketing.

Direct response Marketing

” Direct response marketing is a type of marketing designed to elicit an instant response by encouraging prospects to take a specific action”- Marketing

A call to action method through which customers directly responses is Direct response marketing.

Most people who run ads don’t know if it works or not.

Marketing executives in big companies or ad agencies run branding campaigns which do not give specific and measurable results. Increase in brand awareness is not measurable.

Some good Direct response marketing is

  • An ad in newspaper with a phone number to call.
  • A late night informacial with a phone no. to call.
  • An ad leading to a landing page with a lead form.
  • A sales page with a product linked to purchase the product.

Basics of Global Economics

Every entrepreneur should learn about global economics.

A country’s economy goes up as the average age of country goes up.

Debt creates money.

Recession creates strong companies and drives out weak companies out of the market.

Where is india’s wealth concentrated

  • 23 millions househols in India 1( india 1 is where people earn a satisfactory amaount).
  • In india 1 around 110 millions people resides (assuming around 5 people per household).
  • India has around 10-15 million Amazon prime members.
  • Around 20-25 million indians do online shopping.
  • Until 2025 buying power of indian will be around 30-35 million.
  • Target customers have credit card, have laptop/desktop, have cars, and have income more than 5 lakhs per annum.
  • All target customers are in top 10 cities of india, and speaks english well.

Importance of Communication Skill

Good marketing is all about good communication. And good communication doesn’t mean sophisticated English. Good communication is all about am I capable to deliver my thoughts effectively, only question to ask? It doesn’t care about vocabulary or grammatical error.

To enhance communication skills, follow some steps

  • Write like you talk. Understand target audience.
  • Write a lot. Better you write, better you will speak. Writing slows down our thought process and gives clarity.
  • Think in English
  • Watch english comedy shows.
  • Read english Newspaper.

CATT Marketing Funnel

In marketing, it has also a formula

Wealth = n^CATT


[n] Niche:- Your success and wealth depend upon the niche you choose.

How to choose the right niche

[C] Content:- Create useful content that attracts people from your niche. Blog posts, videos, lead magnet, live webinars etc. are content which we create.

[A] Attention:- Drive attention (traffic) to your content using SEO, Paid Ads. Social Media, Referrals.

[T] Trust:- Build trust with your customers with marketing automation and retargeting.

[T] Transaction:- Convert leads into customers.

So, following the above steps any marketing is done, and sales are generated. So customer’s satisfaction must have priority, and once they become our customers, they must have an existing customer for life by creating trust. And if we gain trust, then the sale is automatically generated.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is very important for a business. People want to hear from people not from brands. On a personal using good experience people trust easily.

“The best known will always beat the best”.

We may take an example of Digital Deepak, which is a bigger name today than many digital marketing agencies, as he created a brand as himself and clarify the ideas which he had.

Elon Musk has bigger following than Tesla or SpaceX

But it has also a downside that it can’t be invested in and can’t be sold.

A personal brand can give rise to many brands from his/her influence.

A personal brand becomes an influencer and a brand ambassador himself for the companies they run.

Evolution of a Personal Brand

Learn: Learn a new skill through concepts, facts, and procedures. Understand the concept, remember the facts and practice the procedures.

Work: Put your skill into work. Go from practice to implementation. Implementation will give you a better understanding.

(Work= Job/ Freelancing/own project)

Blog: Write what you have learned through your work. When you write, you understand it better and start building your personal brand.

Consult: Now you have started writing blog posts, have your own personal brand, have work experience. So instead of working for them start consulting other businesses.

Mentor: Start mentoring others who want to become like you. Mentoring helps to scale our knowledge to the next level. Mentoring also helps to clarify our concepts.

Startup: Start your own product, business or service which you have learned throughout the market. The skill which you have developed by understanding the market. It will help in growing your new startup.

How to make Rs. 1 Crore

SInce to make Rs. 1 crore is not an easy task, but working in the right direction with the right strategy, it is not so tough.


Let’s assume I have a product or service of Rs. 100 so I need 1,00,000 customers to make Rs. 1 crore. Since it is not easy task, but everything is possible.

Let’s assume I have a product of Rs. 1000, so customers needed is 10,000.

And if a service or product is of Rs. 10,000 then customers needed is 1000.

And if it is of Rs. 1,00,000 then customers needed is 100.

One thing should be noticed that if it is an existing customer who buys any product from us of Rs. 1000 then on basis of trust it is the most probability that he can also purchase a product of Rs. 5000 if we provide. So always focus on the quality of product and customer satisfaction.

So, it was all about marketing and digital marketing. The better you understand your skill, the better you will choose your niche. And a better understanding of the basics of marketing and this digital platform, the better is the chances of your success in business or career. So start enhancing this new age of Digital marketing.

P.S. It is an assignment for the Digital Deepak Internship program.

My version 2.0

From No Job to a Successful Entrepreneur

Today I am going to introduce all my readers to One of India’s Most successful Entrepreneur who made his own path to success.

Meet Manish Kumar, a successful digital Marketer, and a Blogger. An engineering alumn, who founded ” Digital Funnel “, a digital marketing agency in 2022, and within few years his company revenue crossed to multi-millions. Today he is among India’s top influential people.

Digital Funnel headquarter is in Gurugram and has also launched its first offshoot in Dubai.

Digital Funnel headquarter in Gurugram

His digital marketing agency has worked with many MNC’s and big brands. And has also helped many small businesses and MSMEs to grow their business digitally.

His company is carving out many poor-skilled craftsmen to showcase their arts to the entire world. And his this great effort is flourishing lives to thousands of poor families.

Further, he explained all these steps were only possible as he always thought that Poverty and hunger are a curse to our society. And if we are capable, we must take action towards it.

Let me come back to 6 years ago, in 2021 Manish was like an ordinary hopeless person. Had no job, and if it was a Job, then keeps on a job change aimless. Since 2021 due to Corona many people lost their job, he was among them, spending life aimlessly with depression. Meanwhile, he got into bad association and was spoiling his life.

But, one good thing he had that he always thought himself as one and only one and had hope to do something different. He kept searching on internet for better information.

Then he realized at that time that in upcoming years there would be a vast scope of internet, as at that time internet users were increasing intensively. He gathered information from YouTube. But, it was not effective enough for a bright future.

Everyone needs a Mentor to succeed in their life, as a mentor is a someone who always guide for a successful carrier.

And on talking to him, he gives this credit to DigitalDeepak that after joining his internship program, his life started changing. And his version 2.0 came out. And today his success is not hidden to anyone.


I would suggest to all my readers that you can also learn some lessons from him.

  • Don’t loose your hope, always believe upon you and keep gathering information and practicize it.
  • Set 3 types of goals

a) Long-term goal (What have to do in next 5 years).

b) Short-term goal (What have to do within few months).

c) Next day goal (what have to do tomorrow).

  • Don’t let bad time be dominated to you, always fight with it. Definitely one day you will succeed.


He lives in a beautiful villa, which is sheer bliss of nature.

His Villa

He is a pride owner of luxury SUV Range Rover.

He is a nature lover and always keeps traveling. And for his travel experience, he used to write blog. His blog NomadicManis is also among most visited blog in India. And due to this, he is among India’s top travel bloggers.

He always gives his success credit to his parents and mentor Digital Deepak who always believed upon him and keep motivated him.


Recently, Manish Singh the CEO of Digital Funnel was awarded ” The Champions of Change Award “ for social welfare. It was the most cherishing and honored moment for him. His success story was also featured in Times Magazine.

Mr. Manish always holds two catchphrases- “Every problem has a solution” and “Self-motivated work makes Dream Work”.

P.S- The article is a part of an assignment for Digital Deepak internship program.

Places to visit in Kanyakumari- Reasons to visit this majestic Land

Have you ever been to the last tip of India? Yes, I have been, it’s Kanyakumari. It certainly feels like an achievement to arrive here.

Vivekananda Rock

Through my previous blogs as I have mentioned that after exploring most of the places in Madurai and Rameswaram, my next destination was Kanyakumari. Since it was not a planned trip but diving into spiritual vibes and always heard about “Kashmir se Kanyakumari”  made an extra excitement to instantly plan a journey to Kanyakumari. So are you same wondering about what are the best places and some unknown facts about Kanyakumari? Don’t worry!  through this blog, I will try to explain all the best ideas, details, and places to visit in Kanyakumari by my journey.

Vivekanand Rock and Thiruvalluvar Statue stands firmly deep inside the Sea
Vivekanand Rock and Thiruvalluvar Statue stands firmly deep inside the Sea

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Best places to visit in Rameshwaram in a day- A complete information you’ll need to know

Pamban Bridge
Pamban Bridge, Pic courtesy- (Madansekarmohan for Wikimedia)

To explore Rameshwaram and Kanyakumari was on top priority for me in south India as Most of the people prefer to visit Goa and Kerala. I had been planning for Rameshwaram for many months but everytime it got diverted to other directions due to its extreme southernmost location alongwith very limited connectivity from the mainland. So are you wondering about what are the best places to visit in Rameshwaram? So through this blog here I am listing about the best ideas and places to visit in Rameshwaram that will definitely quench your thirst for spirituality and peace. Continue reading “Best places to visit in Rameshwaram in a day- A complete information you’ll need to know”

Places to visit in Madurai in a day- A complete guide to the city

Darbar Hall of Nayakar Palace

I was traveling from Bengaluru to Rameswaram but there was no train directly to Rameswaram. It Was from Madurai. So I planned to stay for an entire 1 day to Madurai to explore some places in and around the city. I booked a ticket in Nagarcoil Express from Yeshwantpur junction to Madurai. The train was at 10:30 PM. , and it dropped me at 6:30 AM To Madurai junction. As I came out of the station many brokers were pressurizing me to rent a hotel through them but I ignored all of them, As I had collected all the information about the city earlier so I had prior knowledge that Meenakshi Amma temple was at a walking distance from the station. Continue reading “Places to visit in Madurai in a day- A complete guide to the city”

Tourism in Bihar: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know

Tourism in Bihar

Today I am happy to share this blog about tourism in my own state Bihar, the ancient seat of learning. Seriously I feel blessed that I born in such a state whose history is the history of ancient India. Some people might dislike Bihar but they can’t deny its history. I was born to Biharsharif a major city in Nalanda district. Before going for higher education I spent a lot of my golden time in the dusty land of this magnificent historic and sacred place. From my school days, we used to go for hangout with friends to Rajgir and Nalanda. So apart from history, it was a medium of our elation.

Xuan Zang Memorial, Nalanda
Xuan Zang Memorial

Bihar is an eastern state of India surrounded By Nepal to the north, By Indian state Bengal to the northeast, Uttar Pradesh to West, and by Jharkhand to south. The main economy of Bihar is agriculture and it is the top producer of vegetables and fruits. It is mainly divided naturally into two regions by river Ganges- north Bihar and South Bihar region. I belong to the south Bihar region. Koshi River mainly known as ” Sorrow of Bihar” which flows down from the Himalayas of Nepal causes destructive floods every year. But apart from so much destruction, every year people of north Bihar have adjusted their lifestyle along with this devastation. Bihari people are much laborious whether in the field of education or by physical exertion. They have much readiness that they can adjust to any situation and environment.

Relaxing Buddha Statue, Rajgir
Relaxing Buddha Statue
  • Famous Personalities

Dashrath Manjhi also known as Mountain Man was a laborer but he carved 110-meter paths through a ridge of hills Using only hammer and chisel in the memory of his wife. It is a great Symbol of Love. He proved that nothing is impossible if you have set your goal as he carved the hill continuously for 22 years and constructed road by him.only. He had no money no power but he challenged the Mountain. On his story, a Biopic was filmed Manjhi “ The Mountain Man “ in which Nawazuddin Siddiqui played the role of Dasrath Manjhi.

Bihar is a home to Genius Mathematician Aryabhatt who gave the theory of Zero to World. Great Mathematician Vashishtha Narayan Singh Was also From Bihar who challenged Newton’s Theory.

Rajendra Prasad became the first president of independent India.

Famous celebrity Mathematician Aanand Kumar is also from here.

The First Prime minister of Mauritius Ramgoolam was also from Bihar who is known as Father of Nation” there.

Bihar has a different culture and a different language with every district.

  • History

Any tourism in Bihar starts with its history. Whenever I interacted with tourists who came to Bihar I realized that they were much excited and curious about knowing for Bihar whether about its history, its culture, our food habitat, or our unique style of parance. In ancient India, every religion had a special inclination towards Bihar as it was a center of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism.

In the early Vedic period(1500 BCE) many kingdoms existed in Bihar. According to our Epic story “Maa Sita” was from this sacred land. When the entire planet was learning of its habitat the ancient kingdom “Magadh” was ruling over ancient India which was Stretched from eastern India to Afghanistan. Rajgrih(now known as Rajgir) was the capital of Magadh which is only 20 km far away from me where I reside. Later on Patliputra(now known as Patna) became the capital of the Magadh dynasty. It was the Magadh dynasty during which Lord Buddha(600 BCE) Developed his religion ” Buddhism”.

Bihar is also the land of the sacred birthplace of Lord Mahavira who was born in the Vaishali district who reformed the “Jainism” religion. It was Patliputra which became the capital of many mighty Indian empires such as The Mauryas, Guptas, Nandas. It was the great king ” Ashoka the great” who ruled over Magadh and during his reign, Patliputra became the biggest city in the world. Later on he forsook his kingdom and being inspired by Buddha he adopted Buddhism.

Bihar had also seen many successive phases of nationalism revolution such as Mahatma Gandhi started his non-violent resistant ” Satyagrah” from Champaran, Chauri Chaura incident.

Now coming to tourism in Bihar  there are a lot of things to do and places to visit in Bihar which I am listing below

1)  Nalanda-the archaeological ruin of knowledge

Ruins of Nalanda University
Ruins of Nalanda University

Nalanda University is the world’s second-oldest university in the ancient world and is assumed to be more than 2500 years old. The ruins of this great architecture is just 7 km away from my home. When the entire world was learning the way of living, Nalanda university was giving knowledge to the world. At that time when there was no medium of Convenience, but due to the flourishing center of knowledge, it attracted more than 10000 students and more than 2000 teachers from the entire world including China, Persia, Greece, Tibet. Magnificent University had a huge library that was unmatched to anywhere else.

It is that sacred place where Lord Buddha himself had imparted his knowledge. Famous Chinese traveler turned Philosopher  Hieun Tsang was also a student of this university. A very magnificent memorial of Hieun Tsang is architectured just a few km from the university where monks came for meditation and I also usually go there whenever I want some sort of peace as it is surrounded by very greenery all around. And this place is also less known for many travelers. But in 1193 AD it was Turkish Savage  Invader Bakhtiyar Khilji who ransacked and looted this marvelous university. He beheaded thousands of monks and thousands of monks were burnt alive. Its library was burning for more than 6 months so anyone can imagine how huge its library was. And with this savage of Khilji , this university became an embark of knowledge. There is a museum near to this where you can find many treasures of its excavation.

Once you visit here you can self imagine how splendid and huge this university was at that time as now only you can see a 10% area of its excavation which is in more than 15 hectares. In 2016  UNESCO has designated its ruins as a world heritage site. Thousands of tourists visit to see its ruins every year from all around the world. The central government and state government once again started Nalanda world university to revive it, but I don’t think it will ever reach its charm.

2)    Rajgir-the ancient capital of Magadh dynasty

Vishwa Shanti stupa, Rajgir
Vishwa Shanti stupa

Rajgir is one of the most famous tourist destinations in  Bihar. As religious importance, it is a sacred place for Hindu and  Buddhist both. A lot of monasteries and temples are in this small but beautiful city. This small city is surrounded by many hills and forests all around which will give you the feeling of any hill station.

Before attaining Nirvana, Buddha spent his five years in Rajgir.

He meditated at Gridhkutt Parvat and at this hill he delivered preach to his follower. At this hill “Vishwa Shanti stupa” is structured and every year Buddhists from all around the world gathered here at Buddha Purnima and a religious festival is organized. Any tourist who come to Bihar he can not miss a visit to this stupa as it is at the highest peak of the hill and through ropeway, we reach there and between this ropeway journey, it gives an adventurous feel as you will see hundreds of feet depth chasm below and also gives a stunning view from the hill. You will feel a different kind of peace to this Hill.

  • Hot water kund
Brahma Kund, Rajgir
Brahma Kund, Rajgir

Rajgir is one of few places in India where hot water is continuously flowing through “Saptdhara” from the last many decades. Rajgir has warm water kund with medical properties which helps in many skin and intestine ailments.

  • Ghora Katora Lake

Ghora katora Lake

Amidst a hilly region and natural beauty this lake is one of the famous lake in Rajgir. Its shape resembles the face of a horse thats why its name is so-called GHORA KATORA. This Lake is Eco-friendly. Within the range of 7 km. uses of plastic and vehicle are totally banned. A few months back Longest statue of Lord buddha,70 ft height was inaugurated in the midst of this lake.

Don’t forget to take a Tumtum ride( a typical horse-cart) on a visit to Rajgir.


And to taste world-famous Sweets Khaja ( A multilayered, crispness local sweet).

  • Religious event

According to the Hindu calendar after every 3 years adhimas also called Malmas fair is organized here. It is considered that all god and goddess dwell here during this sacred month. Millions of people visit this fair and took a holy bath in Hot Kunda and pray.

  • More places to visit in Rajgir

1)    Son Bhandar

2)    Jarasandh ka akhada

3)    Venuvan

4)    Pandu Pokhar

5)    Japani Temple

6)    Virayatan Museum

3)    Pawapuri- the nirwana sthali Of Mahavira

Jal Mandir, Pawapuri
Jal Mandir, Pawapuri

Another major attraction of the state is Pawapuri. It is a holy site of Jain. It is 10 Km from Biharsharif and 25 km from Rajgir. Jal Mandir is the major attraction of Pawapuri. The final tirthankar Lord Mahavir founder of Jainism breathed last here. Due to the huge demand for funeral ashes, his devotee collected a large amount of soil from here, creating a huge pond here.

Major tourist attraction

1)    Jal mandir

2)    Digambar Jain Mandir

3)    Naulakha Mandir

Where to stay in Nalanda,Rajgir,Pawapuri

Rajgir offers a lot of comfortable and luxurious hotels and resorts and budget-friendly hotels and lodges as most of the travelers prefer to stay in the quint atmosphere of Rajgir. And all these top 3 favorite destinations are within 25 km of radius.

Some of the hotels are-

Multi-Cuisines Restaurant

4)    Gaya and Bodhgaya

Bodhi Tree, Bodhgaya
Bodhi Tree

Gaya and Varanasi are two holy cities where every Hindu wants to visit at least once before his last breath. Gaya is a holy city beside the bank of Falgu river mainly famous for Pind Daan and Vishnupad temple. People from all around the world come here to perform rituals of Pind Daan for the peace of the wandering soul of their ancestors.


Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya
Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya is the most Known place in Bihar as most of the international tourists mainly concerned firstly to this sacred land. This land is the birthplace of Buddhism as the Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment to this place.  Bodhgaya is mainly famous for Mahabodhi temple and Bodhi tree. Bodhi tree is the exact spot where Buddha meditated and attained to Nirvana. Pilgrimage, Tourists, and backpackers from all around the world come here to pay homage to the Bodhi tree. It is the fifth descendent of the original tree.

It is a world heritage site by UNESCO. There are many Buddhist temples in Bodhgaya.

Where to stay in Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya has accommodation of all budgets.


With pilgrimage and tourists all around the world Bodhgaya offers Multi-cuisine to the city.

5)Patna Sahib


Anyone who plans to Bihar will start from Patna. It is not only the capital of Bihar but also has the historical importance of ancient India. It is situated beside the bank of River Ganges.

Patna Sahib
Patna Sahib

Takht Harmandir Sahib Ji also known as Patna Sahib is a sacred place for Sikhs all around the globe. Takht harmandir sahib Ji was built by Raja Ranjit Singh and this shrine is dedicated to the Tenth Guru of Sikhs “Guru Gobind Singh” who was born in Patna Sahib. He was a Philosopher, spiritual, and warrior.

Every year on the birth anniversary Of Guru Gobind Singh Ji “ Prakash Parv” is celebrated.

Places to visit in Patna

1)    Hanuman Mandir

2)    Buddha stupa Park

3)    Gol Ghar

4)    Agam Kuan

5)    Sanjay Gandhi Zoological park

6)    Patna Museum

7)    Eco-park

8)    Planetarium

6)  Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary

Dolphin in Ganges

It is the only dolphin sanctuary in the country. It is located in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar. It is a protected area to protect Gangetic Dolphin from its extinction. More than 50%  of the total dolphin are mainly found in the Gangetic region of Bihar. It is like home to them. Gangetic Dolphin is one of the four freshwater species in the world. I am also one of the lucky people to see their eye-catching activity in the Ganges River as they normally live deep inside the water.

Some of the other tourist places to visit in Bihar

1)    Vaishali

2)    Maa Mundeshwari Temple, Kaimur (The oldest Hindu Temple)

3)    Kakolat water Fall

4)    Sher Shah Suri Tomb

5)    Tara Chandi Temple

6)    Bhimbandh wildlife Sanctuary

7)    Manjhar Kund Waterfall

8)    Dhuwa Kund Waterfall

9)     Deo Sun Temple

Cultural and Religious Event

1)    Chhath Puja

Chhat Puja

Chhath Puja is one of the most major and sacred festivals in Bihar. This festival is dedicated to God Surya (Sun) which is believed to sustain life on Earth. This festival symbolizes the attachment of humans to Nature. Festival lasts for 4 days and devotees called “ Parvaitin” keep fast and offer (arghya) to Setting Sun and on the next day to Rising Sun for the well being and prosperity of their family. Chhath Puja is known for its ultimate purity.

Chhat puja Prasad is most famous as it is made using grains among which “Thekua “ is most famous.

2)    Sonpur Cattle Fair

Sonpur Mela is the largest cattle fair in the world organized in November and December every year in Sonpur, Bihar. The major attraction in this fair is Elephant, Camel, Horse, and different breeds of animals and different species of birds. Here Many cultural programs, Govt. The exhibition, book fair, art and craft, food stall are also organized.

Some More famous Things in Bihar

  • Madhubani Painting
Mithila Painting
Mithila Painting

Madhubani painting is the most famous art of Bihar mainly practiced in the Mithila region but now in most of Bihar.  Earlier this unique style of painting art was used to decorate the wall of their houses but now it has become world-famous due to its unique art of painting. Many tourists who come to Bihar surely Purchase Mithila Painting.

Some Famous Cuisine

  •  Litti chokha

Litti Chokha

  • World-famous Litti chokha is a local delicious cuisine.
  • Chawal, Dal, Chokha, and bhujia is a local famous dish which every family used to cook.
  • Local sweets like Khaja of Silao, Belgrami from Ara, Bhojpur, Lai from Barh, Mokama, Rasgulla of Barahia, And Tilkut(Gajak) of Gaya are some local famous sweets.

How to Reach


There are 2 major airports Patna Airport and Gaya International Airport having regular flights from major cities of India and many parts of the world.

By Train-

Bihar is well connected to the rail route by most of the cities in India.

By Road-

Patna is well connected Via Road to other states of India

From Patna and Gaya there are many public transport buses after every few minutes to most part of the state.

All this stuff is Enough to plan a Visit To Bihar.

Come and Explore it.


Tour to India

Any tour to India is for certain to be an adventure. That’s inherent within the character of this land, which is directly mind-boggling and galvanizing, imperfect and, incredible.
From north to south, India’s geography is captivating. At hill stations in Himachal Pradesh awaken to views of the snow-capped peaks of the mighty Himalayas. India features a distance of 4,600 – mile long coastline with different states of beautiful sites: The sandy beaches of Goa, the tidal swamp of the Sundarbans, historic and thousands of years old seaside temples at Mamallapuram and Udupi. Kanyakumari, the southernmost last tip of India, where the three sea Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and The Bay of Bengal meet, where the color of the water is different at the same point.

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