Best places to visit in Rameshwaram in a day- A complete information you’ll need to know

Pamban Bridge
Pamban Bridge, Pic courtesy- (Madansekarmohan for Wikimedia)

To explore Rameshwaram and Kanyakumari was on top priority for me in south India as Most of the people prefer to visit Goa and Kerala. I had been planning for Rameshwaram for many months but everytime it got diverted to other directions due to its extreme southernmost location alongwith very limited connectivity from the mainland. So are you wondering about what are the best places to visit in Rameshwaram? So through this blog here I am listing about the best ideas and places to visit in Rameshwaram that will definitely quench your thirst for spirituality and peace. Continue reading “Best places to visit in Rameshwaram in a day- A complete information you’ll need to know”

Tour to India

Any tour to India is for certain to be an adventure. That’s inherent within the character of this land, which is directly mind-boggling and galvanizing, imperfect and, incredible.
From north to south, India’s geography is captivating. At hill stations in Himachal Pradesh awaken to views of the snow-capped peaks of the mighty Himalayas. India features a distance of 4,600 – mile long coastline with different states of beautiful sites: The sandy beaches of Goa, the tidal swamp of the Sundarbans, historic and thousands of years old seaside temples at Mamallapuram and Udupi. Kanyakumari, the southernmost last tip of India, where the three sea Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and The Bay of Bengal meet, where the color of the water is different at the same point.

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